Capturing the Spirit of a Scholar: Our Experience with Matthew, a Pittston Area Senior

January 17th, 2024

Hello there! We recently had the opportunity to spend some time with Matthew, a senior honor student from Pittston Area. The day was filled with laughter, deep conversations, and of course, lots of photographs. We were absolutely thrilled to capture some shots downtown, truly encapsulating the essence of this budding scholar.


Matthew is not just an honor student; he is a young man full of life, dreams, and ambitions. We found ourselves thoroughly engaged in his stories, his experience of school, and his future aspirations. As we strolled through the winding lanes of the city, we saw a new perspective, a young mind's view of the world around him.


We loved how the pictures turned out. The city backdrop added a unique charm to the photos, perfectly complementing Matthew's lively spirit. Every photo was a testament to his journey as a high school senior, showcasing his journey from a young student to a soon-to-be university freshman.


It's always a delight when we get to interact with such brilliant minds. We learn so much from them, their perspectives, their dreams, and their ambitions. It's a reminder of why we love what we do, why we chose to pick up a DSLR after our initial tryst with a 35mm camera.


Photography gives us the opportunity to capture not just images but stories, emotions, and dreams. It's all about trusting our instincts, just like how we used to trust in our shots with our camera. It's the anticipation, the excitement, and finally, the joy of seeing the story unfold in front of our very eyes.


From family photoshoots to senior portraits like Matthew's, we've come a long way. But at the end of the day, we're just a pair of photographers who love to tell stories, one snapshot at a time. Here's to many more stories, many more experiences, and of course, many more photographs. Until then, keep smiling, keep dreaming, and keep creating memories.


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