Dressing Guide for Your Photo Shoot

January 22nd, 2024

Hello there, it's us, your trusty photographers. We've got some tried and true tips for what to wear to your photo shoot. Whether it's a senior portrait, a family photo, or an engagement session, we've got you covered.


Let's start with senior shoots. We always advise you to bring outfits that speak to your personality. Remember, this is your moment to shine, to show off who you are. So don't hesitate to pack a garment bag with two or three outfits that express your style and character.


Moving on to family shoots. The key here is to coordinate colors. Now, we're not saying everyone should show up in the same shade of blue. Instead, think of a color palette that everyone's outfits can play off of. This doesn't mean everyone has to match exactly, but rather complement each other. And of course, dress comfortably according to the weather, but let's also keep it nice.


Lastly, for our couples in love, about to take engagement photos. Ladies, we suggest simple dresses that compliment your partner's outfit. And for the gentlemen, the same rule applies. Choose something that complements what your lovely significant other is wearing. But remember, not too matchy, but something you feel comfortable in.


That's it from us for now, but feel free to follow our friends Style & Select for more great fit ideas. We're looking forward to capturing beautiful moments with you. Remember, these are just suggestions. At the end of the day, we want you to feel comfortable and confident, because that's when the best photos happen. See you at the shoot!

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