A Day to Remember: Capturing Jaelynn's First Birthday Cake Smash Session

January 26th, 2024

Hello there! You might have seen the sneak peek on our Instagram of the adorable Jaelynn celebrating her first birthday with a cake smash session. Isn't she a lil sweetie!


A cake smash session is a fun and memorable way to celebrate your baby's first birthday. It's a chance to let your baby explore, get messy, and enjoy a sweet treat. If you're planning a cake smash session for your little one, here's what you can expect:


1. Choosing the Theme: The first step is to choose a theme for the cake smash session. You can opt for a classic theme, such as a princess or superhero theme, or get creative with a unique concept. Consider your baby's interests and personality to make it extra special.


2. Finding the Photographer: Look for a professional photographer who specializes in cake smash sessions. They will have experience working with babies and know how to capture the perfect shots. Check their portfolio to ensure their style matches your vision.


3. Preparing the Set: Your photographer will create a set that complements the chosen theme. It may include props, backdrops, and decorations. Discuss your ideas with them and collaborate to create a beautiful and personalized set.


4. Dressing Up Your Baby: Choose an outfit(s) that matches the theme and is comfortable for your baby. Avoid clothing that is too tight or restrictive. You can also consider a cute outfit change for before and after the cake smash.


5. The Cake: The centerpiece of the cake smash session is, of course, the cake! You can either order a cake or make one yourself. Consider your baby's dietary restrictions and preferences. Opt for a small cake that is easy for your baby to smash and explore.


6. Let the Fun Begin: During the session, your photographer will capture candid moments as your baby interacts with the cake. Be prepared for some messy and adorable moments as your little one dives into the cake. Your photographer will guide and encourage your baby to make the most of the session.


7. Clean Up: After the cake smash, be prepared for a messy baby! Have towels, wipes, and a change of clothes ready to clean up your little one. Some photographers may also offer a bath session to clean up your baby and capture some cute post-cake smash photos.


8. Viewing and Ordering Photos: Once the session is over, the photographer will edit the photos and prepare a gallery for you to view. Take your time to select your favorite images and consider ordering prints, albums, or digital copies to cherish these memories forever.


Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and create lasting memories with your baby during the cake smash session.

In closing, we want to thank Jaelynn and her family for inviting us into their lives to document this milestone. It was a smashing good time, pun intended, and we feel so lucky to have been a part of it. Here's to many more birthdays, cake smashes, and captured memories in the future!


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