Photos by A Fox

Where to begin? We had a photo shoot all set to go for our son’s Senior pictures and yearbook photo(which was due the next day) and the photographer was an hour late and not answering their phone. I started reaching out to photographers, in a panic because it was 4:30, and Annie called me back. Not only was she kind, but she was literally willing to move her plans around, just to make sure my son got his yearbook photo in on time. It’s people like her that truly deserve our business. Luckily, the original photograph showed up(an hour and 1/2 late), but Photos by A Fox will be getting our business from here on out.
Karen Richardson
I LOVE WORKING WITH PHOTOS BY A. FOX!!! Annie and Jon are such incredible artists that are able to capture the most beautiful moments and are so easy to work with!! They make you feel comfortable at every shoot and bring out the best side of you!!! I am so grateful to have our memories captured by them!! THANK YOU!!! 10 stars!!! WOW these pictures are unbelievable!! You have such an amazing eye and talent.  It's amazing how you can capture these moments!! Not only the headshots but the nature pictures and pets too!! AMAZING!!
Beth Guarnieri
Awesome photographer with the patience of a saint! Annie is the best. You won’t be sorry your chose Photos by A Fox.
Tanya Brown
The pictures Annie takes are beautiful! She makes it fun and captures some great shots. Definitely recommend!
Paula Berish Hapeman
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